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Would you be able to answer YES if a Fire Officer asked ‘do you carry out weekly testing on site?’

If not, why?

It is a regulatory requirement as per BS5839-1 for premises to have a fully operational fire alarm system which is why regular testing is so important.

  • Each week you should activate (at least) one fire alarm call point to check the alarm sounds and the fire panel receives the signal.
  • Once the test is complete, you should record this in your fire alarm log book on site and include the location of the call point(s) that you tested.
  • This will help to check that all points are being regularly tested.

At CamAlarms we are able to offer both on-site training for members of staff wishing to learn how to correctly carry out their weekly test, or we can arrange to complete the test for you each week as part of your maintenance agreement.

Contact our Service department for further details.

Or telephone: 01638 744330

do you carry out weekly testing on site?

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