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CamAlarms is a certified member of a number of fire safety associations, ensuring the organisation receives continuous updates and insights into fire legislation changes and industry events, access to advanced fire safety resources, training and professional development.

Associations include:

Electrical Contractors Association

CamAlarms Limited have been members of the ECA for over 20 years and have utilised the ECA benefits and business support throughout.

ECA has been a driving force in the electrotechnical and engineering services industry since the Association’s formation in 1901. ECA continues to work on improving standards, supporting the industry and creating a sustainable business environment.

For further information about the ECA, visit:

ECA logo

Fire and Security Association

CamAlarms have FSA membership as they have achieved the highest levels of certification in the Fire, Security or Monitoring centre fields – through ‘approved’ industry certification bodies.

FSA member companies, not only deliver the highest calibre of work possible, but are also supported by an organisation that ensures they are performing at their peak. We also proactively work with our wider industry to improve professionalism and commercial opportunity.

For further information about the Fire and Security Association, visit:

Fire & Security Association

Fire Industry Association

CamAlarms Limited have been members of the FIA for over 16 Years.

The FIA is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK with 1000+ members.

They are a not-for-profit organisation and a major provider of fire safety training.

Their objective is to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services, and apparatus. This is achieved through the representation of its members.

Together we promote and shape legislation and the professional standards of the fire industry.

For further information about FIA, visit:

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