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CamAlarms designs, supplies, installs, and maintains Emergency Lighting Systems for the education, healthcare, leisure and commercial sectors.


Current legislation requires that all occupied buildings include an Emergency Lighting system that provides a minimum light level of one lux along escape routes, to allow a safe exit should mains power fail.

CamAlarms has extensive experience in designing and installing Hochiki addressable Emergency Lighting Systems. The FIREscape system is fully expandable and at its core is the addressable EL-2 control panel, up to 49 panels of which can be incorporated into a graphic display. Each panel can accommodate up to two lines of devices, and up to 127 devices can be connected to each line, resulting in a potential system capacity of 12,446 points. The EL-2 control panel automatically monitors and tests the system’s functionality on a continual basis. Information of completed tests is stored in the panel’s memory and can be printed for end user records.

Instant overview of entire system

The discreet EL-KP keypad features an LCD graphic display and can show the address and location of activated or faulty devices. Optional graphics software allows instant overview of the entire system and assists in maintenance tasks. Depicting the building in plan view and indicating alarm and fault states, FIREscape can be maintained from a central control room using this software. Remote control of the EL-2 panel is also possible using a GSM alarm transfer unit, where fault data is transmitted to end user or service company GSM contacts.

Emergency lighting systems by CamAlarms

Testing and self-test

Regulations require that Emergency Lighting systems are tested regularly and maintained in proper working order. CamAlarms supplies both standalone systems, which require manual testing, or fully addressable systems, which automatically perform the scheduled tests in accordance with BS5266, and present detailed test results on a central panel or computer screen. CamAlarms service, maintain and replace internal and external stand alone, self-contained, combined decorative and self testing units.


Our installation team has 30 years’ experience of installing alarm and security systems in a wide range of premises, with minimal disruption.