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CamAlarms installs and maintains Induction Loop Systems for the education, healthcare, leisure and commercial sectors.


Under current legislation, Induction Loop Systems must be installed in all new and substantially renovated non-domestic buildings, all workplaces, and all care homes. In addition, all organisations offering goods, facilities and services to the general public must make all reasonable adjustments to provide full access for the deaf or hard of hearing.

An Induction Loop System (or hearing loop) provides a wireless signal that is picked up by a hearing aid set to the ‘T’ (Telecoil) setting. The hearing loop consists of a microphone, amplifier, and a loop cable, typically placed under the floor or above the ceiling, which acts as an antenna. Portable systems are also available, with a range of up to five metres. For the hearing aid user, the hearing loop cuts out background noise and is particularly useful where there is a physical barrier, such as a solid glass screen, between him or her and the person speaking. Larger loops can be installed to amplify Public Announcements and audible alarms.

CamAlarms has extensive experience of installing Induction Loop Systems to BS7594 and BS7671. Our Induction Loop Systems incorporate the most advanced and most trusted products available, including stand alone, single wired or tape systems to more complexed phased array systems.


CamAlarms installation team have 30 years of experience installing induction loop systems.