CamAlarms installs and maintains Assisted Toilet Alarms for the education, healthcare, leisure and commercial sectors.

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Since 2004, it has been recommended that all accessible toilets are fitted with an alarm. BS 8300 provides clear specifications for the design and siting of all elements of an Assisted Toilet Alarm to meet the practical needs of disabled users, including the location of the pull cord, the reset button, and the external light or audible alarm, which must be clearly visible to persons providing assistance. The alarm control unit must be located at a supervised reception or a nurse’s station, and must indicate where help is required.

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CamAlarms has extensive experience of installing Accessible Toilet Alarms to BS 8300. Our Accessible Toilet Alarms incorporate the most advanced and most trusted products available, including Baldwin Boxall, Cameo, C-Tec and more…


CamAlarms’s installation team has 30 years’ experience of installing assisted toilet alarms.

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