CamAlarms Limited– COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement 21-4-2020

CamAlarms Limited is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation in the UK and following advice given by Government, Public Health England (PHE), the NHS and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The Company is regularly updating staff on the situation and giving direction on necessary precautions to take, whilst carrying out their day to day activities. All staff have been briefed on symptoms to be aware of, and to self-isolate or seek medical attention immediately should they experience any of those identified symptoms.

The welfare of our staff and our clients is of paramount importance.

As a business we have taken steps as far as possible to mitigate risk to our staff –

  • Where we have been able to get people working from home, we have.
  • We are observing social distancing and operating at safe distances.
  • We are ensuring everyone gets any additional PPE above the standard that is required.
  • We have shared safe hand hygiene practices.
  • We have banned travel on public transport.
  • We have asked people to use other forms of communication, such as Microsoft Teams, email, phone.
  • We have banned all unnecessary meetings.
  • We are asking our clients to advise and mitigate any site risks and observe social distancing.
  • We are asking our clients to provide safe and clean sites for us to work in or advise of specific risks so we can take appropriate precautions.

We have minimal staff in the office, working at safe distances, with many of the support staff working from home. We have a robust IT infrastructure to support this. In addition, we partner with Southern Monitoring who can provide cover for us, in emergency situations. This monitoring station has taken stringent internal measures to ensure the continued operation of the monitoring station to maintain a high level of coverage.

Keeping key parts of the UK safe from fire and security risks

CamAlarms Limited will continue to play our part in keeping the key parts of the UK safe from fire and security risks. We understand the importance of the role we play and the reliance our clients place on us, and we must pull together to assist the country, where we can. Children and teachers are in schools, needing fire and security coverage. Nurses, doctors, and medical teams are in hospitals, needing fire and security coverage, data centres need to keep internet and financial services operating. Buildings that are empty or have minimal occupancy and maintaining working fire and security systems is massively important.
We will continue to work on construction sites that remain open only if those sites are working in strict accordance with government and construction council guidelines. Should any main contractors not adhere to all the required Health and Safety guidelines our operatives will be immediately removed from site.

Continue to provide 24/7 emergency call outs

As such we are here to support you. We will continue to provide our 24-hour, seven day call out facility for emergency call outs which is available by ringing 01638 744330. We will continue to provide planned preventative maintenance and remedial works on fire and security systems, which is as important as ever in critical buildings and buildings with no or low occupancy. We understand the importance of ensuring systems continue to be maintained and looked after to ensure they are fully operational; you remain compliant with fire safety legislation and your insurance cover is not affected. We are here to help and will be as flexible as possible to meet your needs in these unprecedented times of difficulty.

CamAlarms Limited is constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any effects to our service provision and will try to mitigate via alternative plans where necessary and provide updates as the situation evolves.